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Tommy Atkins Figures

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SUB CATEGORY : Rogers Rangers
Image Code Description Price Order
TARR01 River Scene, diorama, 5 figs plus canoe 78.00
TARR02 3-piece canoes 45.00
TARR03 Action set - 6 figures 72.00
TARR04 Walking set - 6 figures 72.00
TARR05 Walking with rifle over shoulders 13.00
TARR06 Walking with rifle under arm 13.00
TARR07 Walking with rifle at present 13.00
TARR08 Kneeling, firing rifle 13.00
TARR09 Standing with rifle at present 13.00
TARR10 Kneeling with rifle under arm 13.00
TARR11 Officer 13.00
TARR12 Stand fire 13.00
TARR13 Ranger attacking with rifle across chest 14.00
TARR14 Ranger, stand fire 14.00
TARR15 2 piece action set, Indian attacking ranger 28.00
TARR16 3 piece action set, 2 Rangers and 1 Indian 42.00
TARR17 2 piece action set, Ranger attacking Indian 30.00
TARR18 Dead Indian 14.00
TARR19 French in winter clothing loading 14.00
TARR20 2 Piece action set, Ranger attacking Frenchman 28.00

Tommy Atkins
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