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Tommy Atkins Figures

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SUB CATEGORY : Victorian Rural Life
Image Code Description Price Order
VRL04 Farm folk standing with shotgun 12.00
VRL05 Farm folk standing with cane 12.00
VRL06 Woodsman standing with axe 12.00
VRL07 Shepherd walking with crook 12.00
VRL08 Farm folk walking with cane 12.00
VRL09 Small rustic fence 12.00
VRL10 Large rustic fence 16.00
VRL11 Man sitting on log 15.00
VRL12 Man sitting on stile with trees 30.00
VRL13 Wood cutters 32.00
VRL14 Ploughman leading horse 40.00
VRL15 Market cart 65.00
VRL16 Single horse wood cart with woodcutter 65.00
VRL17 Two horse wood cart with woodcutter 85.00
VRL18 Large two horse log cart with woodcutter 110.00
VRL19 Haystack 10.00
VRL20 Two farm ladies and a child 32.00
VRL21 Two farm ladies 24.00
VRL22 Farm lady and dog 16.00
VRL23 Farm lady, child and dog 26.00
VRL24 Farm lady 12.00
VRL25 Farm lady on donkey 24.00
VRL26 Farmer standing with cane 12.00
VRL27 Stile scene with three farm ladies 52.00
VRL28 Country cart with six farm folk 95.00
VRL01 Farm folk standing with cane arms folded 12.00
VRL02 Farm folk walking with basket 12.00
VRL03 Farm folk standing with basket 12.00

Tommy Atkins
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